A selection of projects from throughout my internship as a UX Designer at Polytential, a start-up situated in Delft.

The role

Polytential is a plastic analysis company that has developed a service called ‘The Virtual Chemist’. They envision a future in which plastics can be re-used in high-quality applications, again and again, closing the loop definitively.

I worked on redesigning the UI used in The Virtual Chemist, making aspects of the machine more user friendly and working on graphics for both internal and external use.

UI Design

The old interface that was used to control the Virtual Chemist was outdated and needed to be improved. I started with a usability analysis of the current software and used the results as an area to optimise in time for an upcoming exhibition.

The final, new, interface addressed these feedback points and made the overall interface more user friendly. The colour scheme was chosen to fit within the companies design language, providing a seamless design experience for the user. LIVE FEED and ‘Stopping in…’ were added so that the user was able to understand what was happening which was a solution to the main pain points


I was tasked with the role of developing the graphics of the AI infrastructure and the software in order to improve knowledge and making it more accessible and interpretable to those within the company, not familiar with the process.


The book, eyes, brain and the body display the 4 subsystems used to create the ‘algorithm’. This is then put together in the funnel (Docker system) and is trained along the conveyor belt up to deployment. The result is that it has allowed employees to have meaningful conversations with others about each aspect of the infrastructure.


This process shows the various ‘stops’ the data has to go through to be understood by the user on the interface. It is clear to a user where it goes through and the possible routes it can take, both to the old interface, as well as the new one.

NOTE: Due to Intellectual Property of Polytential, the whole process description can not be shown.

Graphic design


For a company exhibition, I designed 3, 120x80cm branded posters to market the services the company provides. These 3 posters show key features of Polytential and the Virtual Chemist.

The aim of the company is to achieve a ‘virgin quality of plastics from recycled plastics, which is why the transformation of recycled plastics to virgin quality was chosen to depict this.

Graphic design

I designed the new background for the company-wide desktops. The various designs are shown here.

“I was drawn towards the Polytential stand and could immediately relate to the visuals”

“These are very professional screens that clearly show what the company does”

“Clean, clear and modern. Provides a sense of calmness to an otherwise industrial sector.”